Concealable Plate Carrier – The Complete Body Protection

Convex and Adjustable armor is the modern day concealable armor. It will allow you to be as mobile as your body requires while still remaining protected. Convex or Adjustable Armor plate carriers are more effective in accommodating the body in your body armor. The plates are designed to fit to your body in a way that does not hinder movement. With this design, the individual will feel the protection and performance as if there is a complete mesh.

Another type of Concealable Armor is the 3-layer plate carrier. The material used to construct this piece of equipment is the same material used for the world famous body armor. One layer of the plate will be to serve as the primary body armor layer and the second layer of body armor. The third layer will serve as the secondary body armor layer and the final layer is the actual plate carrier that can be worn with comfort and ease. With the third layer of armor, you will also benefit from the added protection and durability of the plate plates. So you are able to move freely without worry of body injury.

This Concealable Armor is often used in military applications such as the SWAT Team and other law enforcement agencies. There is a new concept of a ballistic plate carrier that fits into the body in such a way that you won’t feel it even as you are being shot at. By using this type of armor, the police officers and members of the SWAT Team will be safe when they are doing their job. It is becoming a hot selling item today and you can also purchase it for your home security. You can also find many different types of the same Concealable Armor plates on the market. The plates will come in different color shades and pattern designs. It is easy to find a plate that will fit your needs.